Thursday, August 23

WoW - I'm Really Doing This!


Well less than 2 months ago I decided it was time to return to the world of suits, commutes, deadlines and take out lunches. Yes - back to the world of work.

And I did it! In less then 8 weeks, and after 5 years off(!), I landed the first position I went after!! WOOOWHOOO! A great little boost for my ego and confidence as I put myself back in the game.

BIG hugs to Dave, Deanna, Julia, Nadine and everyone who supported me and cheered me on through this process. It was a bit stressful at times and you were all so great in helping me reach this goal, which at times seemed a bit unreachable.

I'm going to work for Kaiser as their Communications Specialist. I'm excited, a little nervous and confident about the future all at the same time.

The girls are in a great new school that they love, we'll be getting a BIG increase in the family income, plus additional benefits. How cool is that? And I get to work with really cool people at a really cool company. SOOOO excited!

I'll be starting on Monday, September 10. I even know what I'm going to wear my first day. I'm going to wear my new grey suit. So chic.

My goal is to be someone that others want to work with. Not someone who is better, smarter or has something to prove. Just someone who can do the job well and play nice in the sandbox. Something that I haven't always done.

Another goal is to improve my writing. I write well but labor over the minutia. I need to write well and write more quickly. We're not looking for Pulitzer Prize winning stuff. Just enough to communicate the message effectively - which also means timely.

I will be a solid member of this team for the next two to three years at which time Dave and the girls and I are going to move out of California. It's too expensive here to have a comfortable life w/out killing yourself to pay the mortgage.

At $---K we should be pretty comfortable for a while ;-)


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