Tuesday, May 1

Cancelled Due to Rain


Our simple plan to visit the Wild Animal Park today was canceled due to rain. (OK - A few sprinkles really.)

Our alternate plan to go to a 'Mommy & Me Movie' was dashed when we arrived at the movie theater and discovered the Tuesday showing had been canceled.

So..., our next plan? Plan number three before 10:00 am? Let's just throw out the rule book and wing it for the rest of the day!!

First we went to Starbucks for two small hot chocolates and one VERY large latte and then headed over to Block Buster and, with friends Miss Debbie and her daughter Amy, rented 5 movies! Next we all went back to our house, closed all the shutters, blinds and curtains, turned out the lights and pulled out the popcorn and candy necklaces and let the girls play 'movie theater.' They watched 3 hours worth of movies while we mommies chatted about random happenings past and present.

It was GREAT!!

Popcorn and candy and 3 hours of TV movies before lunch. They were in HEAVEN. And Debbie and I were free to finish sentences and entire conversations without interruption. We were in our own little heaven in the next room.

I just love rainy days!


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