Thursday, May 31

The Dance Costumes Arrived Today


Oh you should have seen them all in their tiny little costumes with hair curled in dozens of little ringlets, secured with hairspray and gel, and then topped with a fine little dusting of glittery powder - all made up for picture day.

And Alex and Amy and Kimberly were the shiniest of them all – naturally. No fussing with curling irons and hairspray, makeup or hair gel – just ribbons for the hair and bows for the shoes and the brightest most excited little faces in the room.

(OK - Seriously. Could they be ANY cuter??)

(Or any more excited?)

(or sweeter?)

(or beautiful?)

These are the days - filled with happy smiles and giggling girlfriends - that make the memories of a happy childhood. I wish many, many more days like today for my girls and their friends.



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De Anna Ginglardi said...

Alex just amazes me so much. She seems so grown up and she is just beautiful. She seems light years ahead of Frank. Those pictures are just adorable. I absolutely love Rachel's declaration, and I too believe that she will rule the world. Both of your girls are going to be such amazing adults, and do so much.