Wednesday, May 9

Mother's Day - It'll Be a Surprise




"I know what we can get you for Mother's Day!" Alex is so excited I think she might jump out of her skin. "Shhh. It's a surprise."


"A card," she whispers. "We can get you a card. We'll make it. With Daddy and put stuff on it from the house with glue," still whispering but clearly not grasping the concept of a surprise. "And you have to go somewhere."


"Yes cause we have to get ready," she explains as she walks into her room for stories with Daddy and bedtime.

"Daddy, we can decorate with streamers and balloons and we'll make a card and mommy has to go someplace so she won't know and it will be a surprise," Alex excitedly tells her Daddy as he and Rachel pick out books for story time.

Me - grinning from ear to ear. It's great to be a mom.


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Gama Amy said...

Dear Casey, What a wonderful time I've had looking and reading. Thank you for sharing. I'm looking forward to hearing and seeing Mother's Day surprises. Love, Gama Amy