Saturday, March 31

Things We Love About Rachel

** She has a sweetness about her that draws people to her.

** The way she cuddles up with mommy or daddy when she wakes up in the morning or after nap. She is so very cuddly.

** Her unconditional love for her big sister. She is Alex's little mime and biggest fan -- sometimes driving her sister crazy with all that 'love and attention.'

** Those big baby blues - just like her daddy's.

** Her unique musical ability. Rachel hums to herself when she's eating something that she finds particularly tasty. It's hysterical.

** This little girl LOVES her doggie - sometimes more than he can stand!

** Her funny little wiggly run.

** That crazy hair.

** The way she says "That's funny."

** The way her nose crinkles up when she smiles big or makes "the face."

**Her ability to entertain herself for looooonnng stretches just 'reading' or playing by herself.

** Her unbridled enthusiasm for random things. Rachel will get sooooo excited (about balloons, ribbon, the moon, it could be anything) that she almost can't breath and begins to stutter through a huge grin as she tries to tell us what's so thrilling.

** Behind that sweet exterior is a girl who knows what she wants and as she grows and matures, will figure out a way to get it.

** ** ** ** **