Friday, March 9

Balancing Act

Lately, for the past few days at least, it seems there are a million things to do. I need to do my bills, taxes, order updated medical records, IRC work, clean house, laundry, cook meals, feed the dog, the cat and on and on. With all of these things on my to do list, I too often hear myself saying, "Not now, honey. Mommy has work to do." Or, "In a minute. Let me finish this and I'll be right there." But that minute doesn't come.

At the end of the day, after dinner and bath time, while we're settling down and reading bedtime stories, I look at the girls and grimace a bit. I miss them.

I mean, I had a productive day and attended to most of those things on my to do list. That's a good thing right?

Well, during all that 'productivity' my girls got lost. Not once today did I get down on the floor and play with them. We didn't play dress up or color or play with play dough or do any of the things they love to do - and love even more when Daddy or Mommy join them.

Now, it's true that my oldest would engage me every second of every day if she could. But neither of our girls have gotten their fair share lately and it's time to put down my to do list and get down on the floor and play. The dishes and the cat can wait.

"Come on girls - let's paint stuff!!"


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