Friday, March 30

Things We Love About Alex

** Her friendliness. Alex has never met another child that she didn't like. I've often said she could make friends with a rock. (She now has a pet rock. Named 'Rocky,' of course.)

** She's a GREAT sleeper.

** The way she looks after her little sister. Worried if she's hurt or sick, engaging at play time and instructive with new games/tasks. This is not too say there are no squabbles. They are siblings after all! But it's clear that Alex loves her baby sister.

** Her big, bright, brown eyes and the way her nose crinkles up when she smiles big.

** She is tough. She'll fall and get back up and keep going. When she gets sick she doesn't slow down for anything this side of 103 temp. She's been this way since birth.

** Her curiosity about all things 'icky.' Bugs, spiders, lizards - it doesn't matter, Alex is curious and wants to take a look. She'll collect rolly-polly bugs, worms (both alive and crispy), anything!

** That little girl LOVES her mommy.

** Her boundless energy - even when she's sick.

** Did I mention that Alex is a GREAT sleeper.

** Her initial impulse when she goes to a garage sale. The first thing she wants to buy is a scooter for her sister.

** Her amazing 4-year-0ld imagination and that she is still young enough to be frightened by "Finding Nemo."

** The way she can make anything into a song or a dance - or both.

** Her ability to 'get over it.' Alex doesn't stay mad or upset long and will stop and take a breath and calm herself before getting to a tantrum. She's never been a tantrum kid - I love that about her!

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