Sunday, December 31

Building Traditions

Building family traditions where there were none - starting from scratch. It's been fun creating or trying to create the ideal Christmas for our girls -- even if it's just a brief illusion of their childhoods that may fade when the rest of the world starts to encroach on their innocence. But for now - helping to create that illusion and preserving it for as long as possible is one of the most enjoyable things about parenting and the holidays.

Our goals or vision of this holiday are pretty simple. Lot's of love, family and spirit. NOT a lot of running from place to crazy place. NOT buying, buying, buying the 'perfect' gifts for every one of our friends and acquaintances. NOT spending more than we can afford. NOT doing EVERYTHING. Just doing simple little things—memorable things that happen each year—things that the girls can count on that become part of the fabric of their lives.

We started this past year with Thanksgiving, making the full turkey dinner with my special home made cranberries. (We hosted this year, but aren't likely to host every year. Need to give some of the other family members a chance too)

Our family's holiday traditions will begin with Thanksgiving:

* Each Thanksgiving we will make a list of all we're thankful for.
* Each year I'll bake and decorate cookies with my girls
*peanut brittle
*snow cookies
*sugar cookies/
* Each year we'll host "Baking with the Aunties" day
* Each year the girls will get new pjs for christmas eve
* Each year the girls will give daddy slippers for christmas
* Christmas is a ham dinner
* Each New Year will make a list of all that we're hopeful for, resolutions, goals, etc. for the coming year
* Each year I'll put these into our family holiday album.

I'm sure we'll add some flavor and details as the years pass. (Next year? Magic raindeer food: oatmeal & glitter :-) Building memories...., Living it all again through the eyes of our children! There is no Christmas gift that can top that!

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