Tuesday, December 26


On Christmas Eve Rachel and Alex were sure to leave hand made and decorated cookies with milk for Santa and carrots for the raindeer.

Once we put them in bed, Alex made me promise not to let the Cringe steal our Christmas and asked several times where Whoville is.

The next morning our little ones awoke at 6:00 a.m. - as usual. We on the other hand - were much more tired than usual. We had been up late the nite before - wrapping a few last minute gifts and working with Santa to arrange the presents under the tree and stuff the stockings. Rachel was just a little bit sick - just enough to wake up several times during the night and require a bit of comforting - further limiting our sleep the night before a VERY long, but (for the most part) happy day.

Our girls were comical. They were amazingly calm - sort of taking it all in as they looked at the presents. Not rushing in and ripping off the wrapping paper. Initially looking around with a glazed expression, Rachel was the first to see the lollipops sticking out of the top of her Christmas stocking.

"LOLLIPOPS!!" she shrieked.

So - 1st things 1st - the stockings. They really took their time - examining all the little presents that Santa had put in their stockings. When they found the mini piggy banks they were mesmerized and wanted money, money, money. They spent quite a while filling the banks w/ our spare change.

When they did move on to the presents under the tree it was great fun to watch them open the presents and spend a little time playing with each one. They were in heaven and I could feel the magic of Christmas. Simple and pure and fun.

We had to take a break when Rachel vomited onto the couch - which I was lucky enough to catch on video (ew!). Time to clean up and get a little bit of toast into the girls -- enough to settle Rachel's tummy and give them both a bit more energy. They returned to opening the presents with real enthusiasm and energy.

Next we went to church. Took a nap and started preparing for our holiday feast for 14 people.

The food was fantastic. I prepared the apetizers and Dave cooked the meal. We had a vegetable plate & dip, a fruit plate & dip, appricot brea, peanut brittle, ham, rice, sweet potatos, mashed potatos, cranberries, salad, peas, broccoli and two pumpkin pies. It was FABULOUS!! Shor tof my family not showing up with the food they had offered or commited to bringing - all was perfect. We had more than enough food and filled in rice for the missing stuffing, made our own salad and the other items weren't missed at all.

Ace brought along his son Tony with his wife, Rebecca and two kids, Sierra (18 months) and Hannah (8). They were the real treat of the day. Gracious and grateful guests, wonderful to talk with and their children were great with our kids. It was really nice to have other small kids in the house.

After exchanging gifts and packing up the extra food for everyone to take home, Dave and I cleaned up (mostly) and then collapsed into bed.

Santa called...,

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