Wednesday, December 27

LIFE isn't a sporting event

"The point is that business is not a sporting event. Victory for one company doesn’t mean defeat for everyone else. Markets today are so big—the global video-game market is now close to thirty billion dollars—that companies can profit even when they’re not on top, as long as they aren’t desperately trying to get there. The key is to play to your strengths while recognizing your limitations. Nintendo knew that it could not compete with Microsoft and Sony in the quest to build the ultimate home-entertainment device. So it decided, with the Wii, to play a different game entirely. Some pundits are now speculating, ironically, that the simplicity of the Wii may make it a huge hit. Nintendo wouldn’t complain if that happened. But, in the meantime, third prize is looking a lot better than steak knives."

I found some wisdom in this. That LIFE isn't a sporting event and that not everything has to be a competition and, when it is, it's not necessary to always come out #1. The key is to play to your strengths while recognizing your limitations - regardless of what anyone esle is doing or saying that you should do. You know you. You know what your strengths and limitations are. Make the most of who you are not who someone else thinks you are.

Simple words but hard to live by.

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