Friday, December 22

Christmas Snippets

“Oh you know what we haven’t figured out?” I mention to my husband on Christmas Eve.
“How to give the D-A-N-C-E L-E-S-SO-N-S as a G-I-F-T from S-A-N-T-A.”
“Hey!" Alex exclaims. "She speaks Spanish!!”


“Yes, Honey?”
“What are you doing?”
“I’m lighting the candles in the fireplace.”
“What? NO! Santa has to come down there!”
“Not to worry. I’ll put them all out before we go to bed and Santa will be safe.”
“OH. OK.”


A little bit of magic – by mommy…
I remember when I was a kid and watched my mom wrapping presents. I was in awe – I love all the colorful paper, tape, bows and ribbon. But I especially loved when my mom ripped the ribbed ribbon to make curlies. It was like magic. And today I saw that look. The look that says, “Wow, she’s magic.” My girls, who also love the whole gift wrapping process, watched me make curlie ribbon for the first time. They were just as amazed as I had been and, for me, the 2nd time around was just as magic as the first. It was sooooo great to watch them watch me and feel them feel that same awe over the magic of it all.

I think this is the best part of parenting – reliving childhood through the eyes and hearts of my daughters. Somehow it seems to help heal old wounds.


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