Saturday, May 1

Too much to process


With Rachel's ear surgery just around the corner, I've found a plethora of other things to focus on to keep me just distracted enough to avoid excessive worry and any minor or major freak outs. The plus is that, with my lack of apparent worry, Rachel is taking it all in stride, and she's even a little excited. (Both she and Alex will be getting their ear's pierced after the surgery.)

Distraction = a calming, self-defense mechanism. So in that vain...,

I've turned my focus to Dave's dad's health, which has taken a sudden and surprising downturn. And all the planning about what his future may hold.

I've turned my focus to real estate. The need to of sell some property. The possibility of moving. The timing of the sale, tax implications, financing...., and sooo, sooo much more.

I've turned my focus to the possibility of leaving my job to be home with my girls, and managing my ever changing place and identity in the world.

I've turned my focus to learning and starting my own photography business.

And, I've turned my focus to a few other BIG things that aren't yet ready for publication.

So, with all of this, I've remained calm in the face of Rachel's surgery. I think that's the blessing of this confluence of chaotic upheavals currently in our lives - the blessing of distraction.


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