Saturday, May 22

Growing up, and letting them do the same


I've come to the realization that it's really not possible to escape this life, childhood in particular, with out angst, worry, fear and pain. All the flip sides of the wonders of elation, joy, anticipation, and love.

As adults, we can all look back at our childhoods and identify sources of pain, cling to the anger or hurt caused by those who let us down, those who loved us and, simultaneously, hurt us. It's a fairly pointless exercise - except to maybe learn how to insulate ourselves from the pain/angst and open ourselves to the joy and love.

This goes for my kids too. I'm sure they'll be times when I/we inadvertently let them downin reality or perception, though it may not matter which. I know others will as well, but on balance I hope they find (are finding) more joy, elation, anticipation and love..., and hope.

Part of me wishes that I could script it for them, protecting them from all the bad stuff, but I know it's a matter of degrees and part of the journey. I can do my best to protect them and arm themblunting the worst of the blowsbut I don't want to rob them of any of it.

Balance. Seems everything is a matter of balance. Balance and perception...,

Hope we get it right, or close enough. Not perfect, but close enough.


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