Monday, May 10

Mothers Day - It doesn't get any better


I planned a simple day with my girls. Movies and lunch with a friend and her daughter. Dave is out of town so I didn't expect anythng special, but Rachel and Alex had different plans.

7 a.m. Knock, knock softly at my door.

"Mommy," Rachel says in her sweet little voice. When she says I'm waking up, she giggles and squeals, "Close your eyes!"

"Close your eyes, Mommy," Alex echoes.

"Ok. Ok!"

"Are they closed?" in unison.


A moment passes, and then whispers and giggles.


And I opened my eyes to find the two cutest girls ever carrying in my breakfast. "It's for you!! It's BREAKFAST IN BED!!" Alex is beaming!!

"Your life long dream!!" Rachel chirps.

Bringing mommy Mother's Day Bed the girls are soooo happy. It's a priceles moment.

OH MY GOD - They ae sooo adorable and they did ths all for me. All on their own - together. I could have burst with happiness, love and pride. These are two great kids!

On the tray was a plate with one of Daddy's famous pancakes (heated in the microwave) a chunk of peanut brittle, three gummy fish a huge tumbler cup full of orange juice, handmade cards and notes, and Rachel even drew a portrait of me.

After I complied with their requests to "EAT! Mommy! EAT!" and answered over and over that, yes, I do like it, the negotations began.

"Mommy, we brought you three gummies and there are three of us. And we brought one in your favorite colors - red. Can WE have the other two?" So - we all ate the gummies together...,

"Mommy, that's a lot of peanut brittle. Can we have some of that too?!?"

Ah - Mother's Day!!


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