Thursday, July 19

Vacation Snippets

After one day with all five little girls, the in-laws, and the Yellow Jackets, Dave and I escaped. We arrived at the lake house ready for two days of secluded bliss before the rest of the gang joined us.

Ahhhh. Relaxation.

……, hmmmm.

Still relaxing.

Now realizing that I’m not actually all that good at relaxing. Seems like I should be doing something ….

“Ah. Dave…?”

Saturday morning – a night to ourselves and a morning w/out little ones crawling into our bed (something I LOVE BTW) and the ability to sleep VERY late and lie in bed snuggling and daydreaming.

After a day of exploring the local waterfalls, Dave and I called the girls to say good night and Rachel said, in the sweetest little voice ever, “Good night mommy. I’m just going to go to bed without a hug.” My heart melted.

Alex, having too much fun to be bothered, simply yelled “Good night” from the other room.

They grow up too too fast.


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