Tuesday, July 17

Day 1: Attack of the Yellow Jackets


Alex discovered a nest of Yellow Jackets. Or they discovered her – not sure which. But they were NOT happy. She was stung twice and I came running when she started SCREAMING! She had no idea what it was but she was in pain and wanted it to stop. When I got to her Dave was pulling one off of her shoulder. She had taken a sting in the arm and one in the head before I rushed her into the house (Calling over my shoulder, “Could someone grab my coffee?” OK – clearly I wasn’t panicked.)

Once inside – I began rinsing her with cold water and, as I went to get ice discovered one of those nasty little bugs had found its way up my floor length skirt and I took a sting to the upper thigh. While I was hopping up and down, shaking my skirt trying to free the little bastard, Dave also got stung.

CRAP! These little buggers were pissed and were letting us know it. Grandma got two stings too – thus sealing the fate of the yellow jackets.

That night Dave and Doreen poured gasoline down the hole containing the nest and that was the end of the yellow jackets! That’ll teach them to attack UP the evolutionary chain!


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