Monday, August 28

Damn! She's a quick study!!

Of all the developmental milestones, this is definitely not one that parents ohh and ahh over and brag to their friends about. This is one of those little milestones that happens and parents wince a bit. Definitely no shouting to the neighbors about how brilliant the little one is.

OK - I may be the exception. Because not only did I have to bite my tongue to stifle a laugh, I think I told anyone within ear shot during the following week.

Last weekend, Julia and Gama Amy came over for lunch. The two were chatting about something at the table when I heard a very soft, "Damn!"

"Ehh Uemm," I cleared my throat.

"Oh! Sorry!"

No worries. I didn't thing the little ones had heard anything.

Oh - but little Rachel proved me wrong. Later that day I was putting her to bed and she definitely didn't want to go. Rather than simply fussing, as usual, she exhibited her newly acquired verbal and comprehension skills and, as I laid her in the crib, said, "Damn! Damn! Damn!"

And then promptly went to sleep.


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