Monday, August 21

All About Poop

"Rachel. No more poop."

"What?" I ask my oldest as I change my youngest diaper.

"Rachel is going to be a big girl and if she is going to be a big girl - no more poop!" Alex declares with some assumed authority.

"Alex, everyone poops. We just poop in the potty instead of a diaper."

Rachel is just laying there calmly waiting for the conversation to end and the diapering to resume. Opps - and I continue with the dirty diaper.

"Nu-uh. Daddy doesn't poop."

"Oh yes," I assured her. "Daddy poops BIG TIME!"

"Big Times?"

"Yep, BIG TIMES. But everyone poops sweetie. You poop, I poop, Daddy poops, Rachel poops. Everyone poops honey."

"Yeah, everyone poops," suddenly agreeing that pooping is ok. "Everyone poops. Even Uncle Scott - He makes BIG poops. Yeah - Uncle Scott really poops. BIG Times!"

Why Uncle Scott - I have no idea. But I cracked up so hard Rachel almost rolled off the changing table.

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