Monday, August 7

Costco and Kids

A quick 30 minute trip to Costco turns loony with kids - Let me share a bit....,

All goes well as Dave and I split up, instigating our quick divide a conquer strategy. Meeting up for a bit of browzing - things start to go a bit awry.

"Mommy, I have to go potty," my oldest tells me as she holds her bum!

"Uh-Oh!" I think. "The turtle is a peakin'."

And off we trot to the potty. When we get there Alex first wanted to go by herself, requesting a little 'privacy.' But the potty she chose had a 'magic' automatic flushing potty, which scares her so she changed her mind and joined me in the stall next door. She pulled down her panties, confidently climbed up on the 'mommy-sized' potty and sighed. She must have somehow cocked her hips in an odd way because as she began to pee it shot straight out onto the floor and onto my foot!! "Stop!" I shrieked as my foot was sprinkled with urine - icky!!!

Astonishingly - Alex did stop. Instantly. I was amazed at the muscle control but quickly regrouped and repositioned my girl and she finished her job as I wiped off the floor and my foot.

And we were off to find Daddy and Rachel and Daddy again.

Once we regrouped Alex spotted the bologna vendor and got a sample for herself and Rachel. Alex enjoyed her treat and Rachel split hers with Daddy or so we thought. Daddy ate the bologna and Rachel was left with the cracker. As we walked along in browzing mode Dave turned back and caught sight of Rachel and the cracker. She was 'feeding' the cracker to a group of little blue piggy banks. Not sure the pigs enjoyed the meal - but true to form they made a mess and each of the boxes is now filled with cracker crumbs!!

... and we left our mark on Costco and went home!

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