Thursday, August 13

Yin and Yang


10 years ago tomorrow - I married the man who has held me while I cried, cheered me when I won, encouraged me when I wasn't sure, laughed at my nuttiness, called me on my bullshit, made me laugh until I cried, listened when I just needed to talk - ad nauseam, and loved me through it all.

During those 10 years -
One Condo
3 dogs - 2 died quickly and suddenly
Two job losses
A ferocious, and ultimately successful fertility battle
A move across country
Aching loneliness so far from home
The birth of our first miracle child - humbled by it all and incredulous that she made it
Postpartum Depression
A house
The miracle of the natural conception and birth of our second child
A move across country
The lifting of postpartum and the ability to see the sun again
5 years home with my babies
Goodbye full-time mommy, hello career-track
Good days, bad days
A lot of life
And through it all - the one constant

If there is a yin to my yang, he is it.


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