Friday, August 21

Just another step


Today I watched her walk away. Without so much as a glance backwards, she walked away. Tentative, a little slowly at first, but off she went with dozens of other little people. Rachel left.

The second day of kindergarten is always rougher (for me) than the first. Day one is filled with excitement over new clothes, new backpacks and school supplies, new experiences, but day two they just walk away. Another step on the long road toward their own life, toward adulthood, and one more step away from needing mommy and daddy for every little thing.

Oh, I've been told that once they head off to college that I'll be ready to see them go, but I don't think so. My heart hurts a little when I think of the ways we'll grow apart from them as they grow up. It's natural. It's necessary. I know all that, and I want that for them. I just hope we can somehow keep them close while simultaneously letting them grow, and ultimately letting them go.


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