Tuesday, April 21

The Big Drop

Oh the creativity! I thought for sure we'd see a collection of parent-made egg protectors. I was happily proven wrong, and we saw an incredible array of kid ingenuity!!

Alex's little friend, Emelia created a rocket ship with a parachute and it worked great!

Softly and slowly sailing to the ground.

There were boxes filled with a variety of protection schemes; an open packing box filled with cotton, a plastic bag filled with water, one big bag of Rice Crispy cereal...,
socks filled with batting, bubble wrap everywhere, and even a little steel wool!
Oh - yes and let's not forget the GRAPE FRUIT!! "Well, I had a grape fruit, and I don't really like grape fruits so we put the egg in the grape fruit, used some tape-lots of tape, bubble wrap and some bath toys." (And we were all surprised when that egg broke!)

Alex and Daddy worked together to create a net in a box. An ingenious masterpiece. And then...,

The BIG drop
Oh NO!
Better luck next time.

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