Sunday, April 5

Division of Labor

I really would like to be all things to my children. I do, however realize that there are some things that Dave is simply better at than I am.

Example: School and homework.

I was the “OMG, will she ever make through high school?” girl. (Wow, were they all surprised when I put myself through college! OK. Blatant self-pat on the back, but my reputation is at stake. ☺)

And Dave was the high school valedictorian, with multiple college scholarships.

For me, homework was a chore at best, and punishment at worst! Hated it—saw very little long-term benefit and lots of short-term downside.

For Dave, it was just a natural consequence of life—something that you do. Period.

So, Dave has naturally fallen into the role of tutor. I watch him with Alex and am simultaneously proud and envious.

She is in this place of explosive growth—reading, writing, vocabulary, math—and I am so proud of her. I would so love to be the one to guide her along this critical path. But, I realize, this is not for me. Dave is much more naturally suited for this role. The pride I feel while watching the two of them is indescribable. The bond between the two of them is deep and profound.

A little girl and her daddy…., So simple, and conversely so complex. There is something in this that speaks to the very soul of me.

The bond between a mother and daughter is irreplaceable, but the relationship with her dad can set the course of future relationships (sans intense therapy). And, even if I get very little else ‘right’ while raising my girls, this one thing—the choice of their daddy—will take them the distance.


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