Wednesday, December 24

The Santa Tracker


OK - this is the coolest thing for kids since ..., (Oh, I don't know. Sliced bread just isn't all that relevant.) It's just cool!

It's the Norad Santa tracker. The Norad (American/Canadian North American Air Defense) Web site provides regular worldwide updates in seven languages, and kids everywhere can watch Santa's progress as he drops off presents across the globe - complete with video clips, audio updates and photos.

Very cool!!

For the computer impaired, NORAD also has a hotline too. It's staffed by U.S. Air Force personnel who provide up-to-the-minute, detailed tracking information by phone.

Alex loved it. She would have spent the entire afternoon and evening tracking Santa if we'd let her. And they were both excited to get to bed - knowing that Santa had already crossed the Atlantic and was now delivering gifts on the East Coast and heading toward our home.


Your kids can call NORAD for an update on Santa’s Christmas eve progress. 1 (877) HI NORAD (1 877 446-6723). From outside the U.S. 1 (719) 556-5211. You can also track Santa all day on the website:

To check out Santa's 2008 travels, complete with pictures and video, click here. (Click on the packages and video icons).



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