Monday, January 14

More Tidbits O' Kidlets




"I can't think of who I'm going to marry."

As I turned to Dave, staring at him in disbelief, she added, "Can I marry another girl?"

OK - the 1st part of that sentence was far more troubling than the latter.

"Let's not start thinking about grown-up things yet! You're four!! Change. Subject. Need. New. Subject... Where is your bunny?!?!" is what was inside my head. But what I said was, "Yes. You can marry another girl, but you don't have to decide any of that just yet."

And, hopefully, when the time comes, if Alex or Rachel choose that path, the issue of girls marrying girls will no longer be an issue.



"What, hon?"

"The elves did good."


"The elves did good. They made me a good camera."

"Yes they did - the elves made you a very nice camera for Christmas."

"How did they do that? How can they make a camera?"

"The same way they..."


Globalization at work - per DH.


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