Tuesday, January 15

Did I mention, She's a genius?


OK - I do my best to keep the gushing mom-bit to a minimum, but sometimes it's just got to get out.

Teacher parent conferences (hysterical concept for preschoolers) were last night and both girls received extremely positive 'reports.' Especially Rachel, who, as you've heard, is in LOVE with her teacher.

But, did I also mention that she's a G*E*N*I*U*S? Oh yes - she is. And this has nothing to do with the conferences.

While coloring with Ray tonight, I drew a little teddy bear cartoon, wrote Teddy Bear across the top of the paper, and then I left the room to answer the phone. This is what she did while I was out of the room...

Oh yes - that's 3-year old genius! Proof positive.

And, quite possibly our worst fears realized? Dave's brains and my personality.



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