Monday, October 15

Things I miss...,

Alex crawling into bed with me at 6:00 a.m for a 30-minute snuggly snooze before joining her Daddy for breakfast.

No more lazy mornings, sleeping a little bit later, enjoying my coffee while reading email and briefly checking the net (reading my favorite blogs and news sites), finally enjoying a surprisingly relaxed shower and dressing for the day–all as the girls enjoy their morning TV time.

Our random, spontaneous daytime adventures; trips to the beach or Zoo or Sea World or Grammy'a house, anywhere.

Nap time (& sometimes sharing naps with Alex. OH - the glorious afternoon nap! How I miss that!)

Days of Our Lives and the occasional Oprah

Rachel's rumpled head when she wakes up from her nap, bleary eyed and wandering down the hall to find her juice and then crawling into my arms for an afternoon snuggle.

Being the center of their world. Now that spot is shared with sooo many others. All of which are influencing my girls, teaching them – all beyond of my protective gaze.

Every little thing . . .
  • Discovering earth worms
  • Playing in the sand box
  • The spontaneous, daily teaching moments
  • Rediscovering crayons, play dough, finger painting and more through the eyes of my kids
  • Knowing every little thing about them and their lives (that I miss A LOT)



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