Wednesday, June 24

Our little village

I realized today, as I picked up my neighbor's boys from school - after another mom had picked up one of mine, that I have a village. As in, "It takes a village to raise a child." (Hillary Clinton, circa 1994)

My village includes a great group of moms and friends. A few of our current residents (all friends) are;

Julia and Wayne - as close to family as it gets
Amy Cook - as close to family as it gets
Kris Deveraux - a village member since before we had kids!
Molly - helping keep it together at the office
Courtney - our baby sitter
Rene - a neighborhood mom
Tammy - A fellow daisy mom
Betty - A fellow daisy mom
Jaime - A fellow daisy mom
Heidi - A neighborhood mom

If there is a need for a ride, an impromptu babysitter, a cup of sugar, special celebratory treats - our village is there. Our village works in concert - looking out for the little ones in this village, which overlaps with other villages, which overlap with still more villages - it's an amazing network of caring, loving people looking out for each others' kids and familial well-being.

What a gift!

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