Saturday, February 7

Something Special About Lil' Ray Ray


She walks a bit slower (we sometimes call her miss molasses), and has an attention span that is amazing for her age. She loves art, animals and her big sister.

But there is a little something extra about Rachel. She seems to have a real appreciation for nature and her surroundings. She wakes up and looks out her window, marveling at the sunrise, she calls us all into her room to look at the colors. She stops to examine leaves on trees, odd little plants, and flowers (usually she'll pick one or two as a gift for mommy).

It's different than the normal curiosity I've seen in other kids. She seems to really appreciate her surroundings and takes extra time to take it all in.

It sometimes drives me nuts because we're usually trying to be somewhere or get something done, but I love this about her. I wish I had a little bit more of that quality. I think we all miss sooo much hurrying from one thing to the next. Maybe we should all slow down a bit, and try to be a little bit more like Rachel.


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