Saturday, November 8

What's all the fuss about?


I don't understand the flack about gay marriage. I can't make the leap between the marriage of "Jane and Joan" and the long-lasting damage it would supposedly cause to me, my family, or society.

These are the arguments that have been presented:

1. Legalized gay marriage will threaten the tax status of my church.

Churches today refuse to marry people everyday. For example, the catholic church can refuse to marry any two people who are not catholic, any person who has been married and divorced - yet not annulled. All of these people are allowed to marry by law, yet are denied marriage within the hallowed walls of the church and there is no legal recourse.

The same would be true of homosexuals. They would be allowed to marry by law, yet denied marriage within the hallowed walls of some churches - and they would have no legal recourse against the church. There would absolutely be NO IMPACT ON THE TAX STATUS OF YOUR CHURCH.

2. They're going to teach homosexuality to my kids.

First, knowledge of homosexuality will not make a person gay. So, let's all try to get over the fear about our kids learning the 'secret.'

Also, I'm seriously unclear how the statement that a woman can marry a woman, or a man can marry a man, will cause harm or emotional scars to our children.

3. Marriage is a sacred union.

I appreciate that individuals and individual couples hold marriage as sacred. But I would argue that this is not unique to the heterosexual community.

On the other hand, if the concept of marriage being 'sacred' within our society really had any validity, we wouldn't have a 50+% divorce rate. (If you've been divorced or cheated - you should really sit this one out. You've had your chance. Give the gay community a chance to get it right. You already blew it.)

4. It's against God.

Why don't we let God decide that. I'm not sure God would be all that happy about people speaking on his behalf - or meting out judgement and punishment for that matter.

5. It makes you uncomfortable.

Seriously? Are we narcissistic enough to deny the rights of others based on our own personal discomfort?

Help me understand.

Why do people care enough to deny the right of marriage to others? Does the marriage between two people - whom you may not even know - affect you in some way? Threaten the security of your own marriage or the foundation of our society? Really?

Help me understand.

Because the arguments I've heard so far - really don't seem to hold water.


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