Saturday, May 31

Deja Vu


One year ago this weekend, we were preparing for Dave's first marathon. How was I involved in the preparation? Solid question.

In retrospect, it really seemed like an easy task. The supportive wife and mom, transporting beloved hubby to the starting line (at 5 a.m.!) and then toting the kids from point to point to watch said husband accomplish one of his life-long goals.

The real story was a bit more harried than all that. (Click here to relive my chaos. Yes, I'm shamelessly seeking sympathy.)

This year's marathon is just a few hours away and, like last year, we're fighting off the first of the summer cold viruses. Rachel and I have been hit the hardest, but Dave didn't escape it entirely, even though we've done our best to keep away from him.

On the plus side, Dave survived the training season without injury, I don't have any broken appendages, and Dave won't be boarding a red-eye to the east coast at days end.

Last year's marathon got off to a rocky start, with Dave stressing he'd miss the start as we fought gridlock traffic getting there. We made it (in spite of the fact that we had to pull over ON THE FREEWAY, at 5 a.m, in gridlock traffic, so that newly potty trained Rachel could use our little port-a-potty), but it was a little too close, so this year we're starting out at 4 FREAKIN' a.m.

Compared to Dave, though, we've got the easy part. The girls and I will get to go back home for a little nap and a leisurely breakfast while Daddy starts off his 100 mile run (seriously, anything beyond a couple miles might as well be 100). Dave's goal is to finish within 4 hours.

He is either more determined and focused than I am or just a little bit crazier. It's anyone's guess. (And if you know us at all, you know which is closer to the truth!)

But either way, you GO Daddy. We're proud of you and we'll be there rooting for you along the way, and cheering as you cross the finish line.



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