Saturday, December 8

The 'Meaning' of Christmas?


So I'm hearing about a new 'trend.' One in which the story of Santa, as told to children, is considered 'lying.' And -- oh that's baaad. You should NEVER lie to your kids or 'trick them. Or so say the perpetrators of this new trend.

Seriously, people.

Get a grip! It's fun, it's magic - don't deny the kidlets this. (And who among us has ever said, "No. I'm sorry honey. We don't have any ice cream - only to dig out the pint and wolf down a bowl of Hagan Daas once the kids are snuggly, tucked into bed?)

Life is anything but literal. Can you imagine a child's life without fairy tales or Dr. Suess?

Santa is just another fairy tale - nothing more. Let's all just settle down and re-experience our youth through the eyes of our children. From my experience, it's sometimes better the second time around!


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