Friday, April 6

On The Road

I guess it's true. Some things never change. Like that inevitable question, in its many forms, that you hear while on a road trip with small children: "Are we there yet?" or "How much longer?" or "How far are we now?" or, my personal favorite, "Can we find a shorter way to get there?"

While on our seven hour drive to Tuscon this past week I heard these questions no less than 28 times!

Interspersed were a few more interesting questions, including...,

"Why are there cactus?"
"Is this where the camels live?"
"Hey! Where are the houses? MOM?" a little panicked in the middle of the desert. "WHERE ARE THE HOUSES!?!"
"Are we going to stay at Grandpa's until it snows?" (Did I mention we were driving to Tuscon?)

We stayed just two nights but thoroughly enjoyed ourselves...

playing in the pool,

blowing 'Easter' bubbles
(Rachel was SOOO excited about the bubbles!),

riding the Merri-Go-Round at the local pizza parlor,

and, of course, story time with Grandpa.

Mercifully, the ride home was peppered only twice with questions about 'how much longer.' Instead we sang and chatted and, again mercifully, the girls slept for the last 90 minutes of the ride. And although I was more than a little envious (I was soooo tired), the quiet and little bit of solitude was nice.


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