Monday, October 9

I did it...,

... we did it.

Last night as I walked down the hall I heard something. It was unmistakable. I stopped to really listen and I could hear it. Feel it. A peaceful, loving quite washed over me. At that moment I was so aware of my own happiness - a sense of fullness and contentedness. A feeling that I think has been with me for a while now - but one that I rarely stop to feel, to appreciate or listen to.

My two incredible little girls were asleep in their beds, smiling, dreaming. My husband and dog were lazing on the couch watching T.V. Everyone in my house - at that moment - happy and content. I did it - we did it. Dave and I. Achieved the dream. The dream that I've had since I was just a little girl. I've always longed for a peaceful, happy and loving family. A safe and secure home free of drama and conflict. This was and is at the heart of what I've always longed for. Some people dream of great wealth and recognition and popularity. And while all that would be nice and I wouldn't turn it away, I don't think having all of that would make me happy without the very real foundation and emotional security of my home and family.

We may not have a great deal of money but I feel rich.

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Dave said...

I've experienced that moment, too. It's really nice, isn't it? Well done.